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Hello and Welcome to Mix_Match_Icons! This is community is Members Only. But you do not have to request to join. Just click join the community on top of the User Info and join! This community has icons of different people almost all the time and with diffrent styles. I got tired of seeing communities who said they did different stuff but kept doing things that they only liked to do. So I started my own. If anyone would like to be a maker here I am looking for fairly experienced makers, no beginners. If I say no then I am sorry. This is not a place to request but if you would like to suggest something for the community please go Here and make a Suggestion of what you would like to see.

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1 - You Must Credit! Unless the maker says you do not have to, you need to. If you do not you will get a warning. If you do it again or disregard the warning you will be permantly banned.
2 - You Must Comment! We like to hear what you think of our work or what you would like to see different wether your taking something or not.
3 - Our Graphics Are For Livejournal Only. Unless the maker says you can use elsewhere you may not take our graphics anywhere else.
4 - Do Not Edit or Customize our graphics. You will get automatically banned if you do this, unless the maker says you may.
5 - Do Not Direct-Link/Hotlink our graphics. Again unless the maker indicates otherwise you will get permantly banned without warning.

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x_secret_rose_x - Maintainer and Graphics Maker
iluvgreenday - Co-Mod and Graphics Maker
callingpiper - Co-Mod and Graphics Maker
tambaquip - Co-Mod and Graphics Maker
We are currently looking for Makers. Read the guidelines Here.

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We are currently looking for Affiliates. Leave your community name and a button Here.

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In the interests is graphics we have posted of.